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Travelman Podcast

May 4, 2018

Hi all, this is just a little podcast to fill you in what's going on with me. I'm editing the second episode with my dad, that's titled Death Cruise. It'll be a little beauty, can't wait for it. It'll be out Sunday week whilst I'm in San Diego. Hopefully I have a decent internet connection, otherwise I'm stuffed! As well as San Diego, I am visiting LA and also New York and Miami, then I'm returning back to LA and then I'm going home to Melbourne to do some washing as I have another holiday planned. I thought I'd do the difficult cast of actually trying to sort fact from fiction and see if it's true. Does taking a holiday after a holiday really refresh you, or should you just go back to work!? My second holiday is to Bali and that'll be sweet as I'll be catching up with my brother Matt, who'll be in Indonesia travelling around by himself and then meeting up with my other brother Pat and his wife Zoe. On this short minicast, I'll also let you know how disappointed I was with Airbnb and our troubles of booking accommodation in New York.  I'll also give you some interesting news about the new Boeing 787 and it's new route between London and Perth. I hope you enjoy this minicast. I'll have a normal full length podcast coming out in two Sunday's time. Keep travelling! Ben Follow Travelman Podcast: iTunes: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Stitcher: Travelman Podcast Website: (New website coming soon via