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Travelman Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast! I’m your host Ben and if you’re new to the podcast Happy New Year! On today’s episode the first for 2021, I’ll be chatting about my favourite travel audio books I listened to last year. There was 10 in total that I listened to. I’ll also be talking about another three that I really enjoyed!

I’ll also talk to you briefly about what’s going on in my life, kinda like a mini I’m Inspired Now. So, enjoy the podcast!

Thanks for listening to the podcast, if you have any good audiobook recommendations, which you think I’ll like you can email me a list at or send me a message to my various social media handles. @travelmanpodcast on Instagram and Twitter or my private @travelmanben on Instagram and @ausnative on Twitter

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