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Travelman Podcast

Apr 22, 2018

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast I’m your host Ben, if you’re joining me for the first time I talk to people about their travel experiences. Today, I have Stan the Greek on, he’s my friend and a University Professor who just happens to have travelled to the third world more than the first. He’ll be sharing his experiences with us today and I just can’t wait!  Stan talks about his travels in India, a dangerous time in Quito, Ecuador and delves into some other really interesting stories of being a single traveller in Sikkim, Bulgaria and Laos. Sit back and relax and enjoy the podcast! Timestamps: Stan’s India experience - 4:52 A dangerous time in Quito, Ecuador – 12:38 Sikkim, Bulgaria and Laos - 15:00 Favourite undeveloped country – 25:54 Most memorable treks - 34:14 Interesting accommodation - 41:58 Stan’s favourite art gallery – 45:29 Stan’s favourite beach – 47:48 Additional Information: British Museum British Natural History Museum Leeds Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds Amber Museum, San Cristobal, Mexico Petra Ruins, Jordan Palenque Ruins, Mexico Meteora Ruins, Greece Follow Travelman Podcast: iTunes: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Stitcher: Travelman Podcast Website: (New website coming soon via