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Travelman Podcast

Aug 5, 2018

Listen to the podcast here via Player FM. Welcome to the Travelman Podcast and welcome back to My American Adventure Series: With Chris Raney. Chris is the darling of travel videos. His YouTube channel is Yellow Productions and currently has over 55,000 die hard subscribers that never miss his videos. Chris, was happy to drive us around parts of San Diego and Orange County and show us the beating heart of Southern California. He was terribly gracious and I appreciate everything he did for Mandy and I as we we’re making our way around the outside of the USA. I promise our next trip, we’ll do more of the centre. Today though we’ll be chatting about a host of things, including Laguna Beach, Crystal Pier at Pacific Beach, a Giant Dipper, Costco and a guy called Carl who’s a little bit bad. Timestamps: Intro to the show 2:48 - In the car banter 7:16 - After the coaster and onwards to Pacific Beach 14:04 - Crystal Pier, the Great American Dream and a Seven Eleven 22:06 - Some food at Miguel’s, a small debate, allergies and a celebrity who washes their hair with Evian water? 40:32 – Chris got a call, Spirit Airlines is crap and a jet that flew over Additional Information: Yellow Productions website: Yellow Productions YouTube: Belmont Park: Tiki Town Adventure Golf: El Camino Real info: Contiki Tours (Cos I want stuff): Crystal Pier: Migeul’s Cocina, Carlsbad: Chipotle Mexican Grill: Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que: Follow Travelman Podcast: iTunes: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Stitcher: Travelman Podcast Website: (New website coming soon via