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Travelman Podcast

May 13, 2018

Listen to podcast here via Player FM. Ahoy! And welcome to the Travelman Podcast, today on the podcast I have grumps aka Traveldad back on (Traveldad was on episode 12 of the podcast, Travelman talks to Traveldad), today we’ll be discussing his love of cruising the seven seas with thousands of other souls and his suspicions on two supposable dramatic incidents that occurred while he and mum were cruising around the depths of Ushuaia, Argentina. With a bit of cheek, he critiques and reminisces on his most recent cruise! I hope you enjoy his rant just as I enjoy hearing him rant from across the mic! So, sit back and enjoy two men discuss boats and death, well not all about death. I’m sure dad has some funny stuff to say even maybe some maritime conspiracies of his own! He might even mention the time he was whacked on the back of his head, by an elderly ladies flying walking stick on a Club Med cruise in the Tahitian islands back in the old days?! Timestamps: Cruising as a child and slippery poles - 0:00 Dad’s first cruise to Alaska and his views on cruising - 8:37 Tahiti and a hit to the head – 17:20 Cape Horn and the Beagle channel – 27:00 Death cruise – 32:13 Best cabin to stay in a ship 39:25 Additional Information: Tour Radar Danube River Cruise Viking Cruises Australia Club Med Australia Cruise Critic Australia, how to choose the right cruise ship cabin Follow Travelman Podcast: iTunes: SoundCloud: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Stitcher: Travelman Podcast Website: (New website coming soon via