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Travelman Podcast

Dec 9, 2018


Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, my name is Ben and I host a pretty cool travel podcast. I’ve travelled to many parts in the world and I share my experiences with others.

Today on the podcast I want to talk about a few people I met in Seoul and Taipei when I was there just a few weeks ago, and some exciting travel orientated stuff for next year and a very interesting topic called Dark Tourism.

I have some audio recorded from Dan’s phone. Dan was our Korean food guide, he has a successful blog called Seoul Eats. In the recording, he talks to Mandy and I about Korean street food and an interesting game Korean’s play before they eat.

Also, in about a few hours’ time we'll have a new addition to the household. A baby kitten. I’m a bit scared about how my current cat Miyu will react to it. Hopefully she’s okay.

I’ve watched the YouTube videos on how to introduce a kitten to an older cat so things should be okay.



Intro to the show

1:04 – I loved Seoul and Taipei (Taipei is the capital!)

6:40 – Dark Tourism

13:50 – Shawn’s ghost tour

17:17 – Dan from Seoul Eats chats to us about Korean Food

26:40 – Summary and where I’ll be travelling to next year


Additional Information:

Dan’s info


Twitter: @seouleats

Instagram: @seouleats



Info on Dark Tourism web info:

Dark Tourism info:

Berlin Wall info:

911 Memorial info:

Pierre Le Chaise Cemetery info:

The Catacombs info:

Port Arthur Historic Site info:

Old Beechworth Gaol Tour info:

Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg info:

The Wende Museum (Berlin Wall) info:

On Netflix watch Dark Tourist


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