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Travelman Podcast

Jan 6, 2019

Welcome to the Travelman Podcast, today is a special podcast, as it features my Californian mate Chris Raney from Yellow Productions, we were live on Chris's YouTube channel Yellow Productions. We chat about the seven reasons to travel to Australia, it was supposed to be 19 reasons, but we didn’t get up to that part!!!!

Look out for next live stream with Chris and I, when we discuss 10 more reasons to travel to Australia!

On this live chat, we talk about Kangaroos, Australian weather, some of Australia’s best beaches, public pools on the beach, Koalas, Asian food and the desert.

So, sit back and enjoy the podcast.



Intro to the show

2:52 – Reason 1, Kangaroos – what a cool marsupial and probably the fastest land animal in Australia, we discuss interesting facts about this Australian icon!

13:20 – Reason 2, Weather – we have varied weather in Australia, its warm up north and can be quite cold south, especially in winter!

16:22 – Reason 3, Beaches – we have some of the best beaches in the world. I discuss some of my favourite beaches in Australia and how I nearly died at one of Australia’s roughest beaches!

26:34 – Reason 4, Public Pools on the Beach – what’s better than swimming in a man-made or natural made pool that just happens to be connected to the sea. Our rock pools are amazing also. Bondi is a great example of a pool built next to the sea.

42:13 – Reason 5, Koalas – they’re cute, cuddly, lazy and dangerous. The drop-bear is the most dangerous gum leaf eating animal in the Australian outback, maybe.

45:14 – Reason 6, Asian Food – Australia doesn’t really have food that represents us. I’d say we have such multicultural backgrounds that we can’t pigeon hole Australian food. Asian food is the best in Melbourne!

49:56 – Reason 7, Desert – I must admit, I’ve never ventured into the desert, although when I think of the desert I think of a barren land. The outback is cool and apparently, herds of 4x4 drivers will go into the desert to watch the stars.

Outro to the show


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